Who We Are

Hazera Seeds UK Ltd

Hazera Seeds UK Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Hazera Seeds Ltd.  Hazera in the UK is a research trials, marketing, sales and distribution company responsible for promoting vegetable varieties from the Limagrain breeding companies around the world.

Operating with two dedicated sales and development teams, we distribute Hazera and Vilmorin products and, through Clause UK, the products of Clause and Harris Moran.
The company’s headquarters are located at Rothwell, Lincolnshire. The site is shared with our sister company, Limagrain UK Ltd, who breed and distribute varieties of agricultural seeds and food ingredients.

Our teams of product development and sales personnel are based around the country and conduct detailed trials of new varieties, and promote the range to professional growers. High investment in breeding and research within the Limagrain group enables us to generate new genetics specifically tailored for the UK vegetable market, ensuring that new products are fully tested under local conditions before commercial release.

Customers include commercial growers, plant raisers and packet-seed companies.

Our strongest products include field brassicas including white, green, red, savoy and pointed cabbages and spring greens, summer, autumn and winter cauliflowers and brussels sprouts. We also have a development programme for broccoli, which is currently undergoing UK evaluation. Other major strengths can be found in field salads including lettuce, radish, celery and bunched onions, and rooted crops such as carrot, bulb onion, leeks, red beet, parsnip and more recently asparagus.

We are always looking for new genetics that will improve product quality for the consumer and agronomic characteristics for the grower.

Hazera – Seeds of Growth

Worldwide Presence

Hazera’s headquarters are situated in Israel and in The Netherlands, with subsidiaries in twelve countries and an extensive distribution network providing services in over 100 additional markets. This worldwide presence enables us to be close to our customers. It allows us to offer technical support and to anticipate and respond to local needs by creating varieties that fit specific climates, growing conditions and market requirements.

Committed to Innovation

Our ethos is to cultivate progress through dedicated research. Continuously innovating, we combine modern science with traditional breeding methods to create top-quality, high-yielding varieties. Hazera works directly with leading international research institutions, applying the latest science to generate better solutions for customers worldwide. Our processes and laboratories are certified in accordance with the highest quality standards, including ISO and NAL.

Focus on the Grower

Growers are at the heart of everything we do. Our experts actively engage with growers to evaluate their needs, assisting with variety selection and providing guidance and support throughout the entire crop cycle. This hands-on approach adds extra value for growers, helping them to maximise crop potentials with minimum inputs leading to longer term prosperity.

Member of the Limagrain Group

Hazera is part of the Limagrain Group, an international agri-business based in France. Being a farmers’ cooperative, the Limagrain Group understands the needs of its customers and has grown to become the largest seed company in Europe, specialising in vegetables, field crops and cereal products. Limagrain’s vegetable seed division is the second largest company in the industry.