UK Brassica Open Days Via a Virtual Digital Platform

Hazera and Clause have made the highlights of their Brassica UK Open Days available via a Virtual Digital Platform. Featured varieties include new broccolis, Babilon F1 and HYB7752 F1, and cauliflower HMC33926 F1 from Clause, and broccoli Purple Rain F1 and cabbages Langrick F1 and 17-1733 F1 from Hazera UK.

The platform is part of the companies’ Experience Days Event, and the UK video coverage can be accessed on

Hazera Seeds appoints ‘right man for the job’ as new CEO

With his appointment as Hazera’s new CEO in July, Nicolas Tinel is ‘the right man for the job’ because of his twenty years of experience at Limagrain, one of the largest seed companies in the world.

 Nicolas will take time to visit all the divisions and listen to what people have to say. “For the time being, my main task will be to improve all lines of communication within the company; ‘connecting the dots’.” Also, in line with his modesty, he has great respect for what his predecessors have achieved.

 Close to Customers

This approach to his new job matches Hazera’s focus on knowing and understanding their customers’ needs. “Which is quite a challenge because our work involves living nature, and the world is constantly changing. But, thanks to Hazera’s headquarters being situated in Israel and The Netherlands, as well as subsidiaries in twelve countries and an extensive distribution network, we are always close to our customers. At the same time, we benefit as part of the Limagrain Group, an international agri-business based in France. Being a farmers’ cooperative, the Limagrain Group understands the needs of its customers and has grown to become the largest vegetable group company in the world.”

Nicolas Tinel has been working for parent company Limagrain for over twenty years. After his appointment at Limagrain in 1999, he was on the cusp of a special kind of world tour. As a sales manager, he lived and worked in five different countries including India and the United States. In this way, he gained a lot of knowledge about the various products and their areas of production. Nicolas knows the seed industry’s DNA and understands what its customers want.

High Ambitions

Nicolas has high ambitions. “I want Hazera to continue to grow. Not only in volume, but also by making an even greater difference in quality. Taste is very important to this. Furthermore, I aim to make our products as attractive as possible for both farmers and consumers. For instance, by improving our products’ resistance to diseases and climate changes, and by higher yields and better storage. And, of course, we will look at ways to reduce environmental burdens and, thereby, costs.”

Taste Experience Days

Nicolas points out that his ambition on taste is already being implemented. “New to Hazera Seeds are the annual Taste Experience Days. This concept was successfully presented for the first time in September 2019 at the new research and development station in Warmenhuizen. A kind of supermarket was constructed in one of the halls where 130 vegetable varieties were presented. All items were beautifully displayed.”

Hazera’s new CEO strongly believes in this new formula. “It allows customers to see exactly how we work and what the results are. They can taste, smell and feel our varieties. Moreover, they can ask our specialists any questions they may have. We’ll always take the time to listen to them. We’ve noticed this is an effective approach.”

Unique App on Brassica and Onion diseases

In 2014 Hazera launched an innovative Onion and Brassica App. These apps contain extensive information on diseases and disorders in Onion and Brassica. The app is a valuable tool for all onion and brassica growers.

Hazera launched both apps to assist its customers in achieving successful growing! The apps contain information and pictures on issues such as fungi, bacterial diseases, foliar, storage and viral diseases, nematodes, insects and non-parasitic disorders combined with practical recommendations. Continue reading