Fruit Logistica 2018

Hazera presented its latest range of crops and innovative concept ‘Share a Summersun Smile’ at Fruit Logistica 2018.

The event is one of the most important in the fresh chain and attracts more than 3,000 companies and more than 70,000 visitors of 86 different countries.

Hazera focuses on delivering superior value throughout the chain, with dedicated vegetable variety breeding and support, creating products that respond to needs and open growth opportunities.

This is accomplished through long-term cooperation with growers, processors, traders and retailers.
At Fruit Logistica we presented our latest range of innovative products and explored, together with our visitors, the options for fruitful partnerships.

Hazera also successfully presented the Share a Summersun smile concept. Summersun is a yellow cherry tomato with an exceptional taste and colour. The variety was presented in a box to visitors at the show. In the box was a separate compartment with a caption ‘one to share’. The idea of the concept was to share your last, tasty tomato with someone else!

Thank you for visiting us at Fruit Logistica 2018!

We look back positively on a memorable event with even more fruitful and interesting discussions.

We look forward to seeing you again soon at one of our future events.

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